How to Contribute

Your contribution matters!
Nebulas aims for a continuously improving ecosystem, which means we need help from the community. We need your contributions! It is not limited exclusively to programming, but also bug reports and translations, spreading the tenets of Nebulas, answering questions, and so on.

Most of our projects and their corresponding bounties can be found here.

1. Code & Documentation

1.1. Mainnet Development

Besides programming, mainnet development is still ongoing and needs the help of the community to tackle challenging problems in the blockchain industry. For instance, we need to design manipulation-resistant mechanisms for blockchain, formally verify the new consensus algorithm, improve security of the Nebulas mainnet, apply new crypto algorithms to Nebulas, etcetera.

We are excited to devote ourselves to blockchain and to see how blockchain technology can improve people‘s lives. We want to share this exciting experience with the whole community. Thus, we call upon all developers!

Learn more:

1.2. Bug Reporting

We have always valued bug reporting!

If you find a bug, please report it to the Nebulas community. You will be rewarded for it. Check the Nebulas Bounty Program here for more details.

Bugs may be found on the Nebulas testnet, mainnet, nebPay, neb.js, web wallet, as well as other tools and documentation. We will follow the OWASP Risk Assessment System to calculate the corresponding bounty/reward based on the risk degree of the bug. More TBA.

If you have suggestions on how to fix bugs, or improve upon an affiliated project, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can also participate in the development and directly protect the onchain assets. Together, let’s make Nebulas even more safe, secure, and robust.

To submit bugs and related information, please post the information in the related Nebulas mail groups. When submitting reports, please be careful and pay attention to the mail group in order to prevent bugs from being exploited or create duplicates. We welcome you to follow the mail group and join the discussion.

Mail group list:

Mainnet bug list:

Testnet bug list:

1.3. Translation

Translating is important to spread Nebulas to the whole world!

We welcome community members from around the world to participate in the translation of Nebulas documentation. You can translate everything from the wiki, including mainnet technical documents, the DApp FAQ, official documents such as the Nebulas many academic papers, the Nebulas design principles introduction document, and more. Your contribution will significantly help numerous Nebulas developers and community members. Please note that some documents will require an academic background in Math, Computer Science, Cryptography, and/or other specialties.

1.4. Documentation Writing

Developers in the Nebulas community require documentation to help them understand and use the various functions of Nebulas. The community is welcome and encouraged to write technical introductions and FAQs. In addition, Nebulas‘ community members will also benefit from easy-to-understand introductory guides and user guides on various ecosystem tools.

Your contribution will be of use to all community developers and members, and may also be translated into multiple languages to benefit an even larger amount of members.

1.5. Wiki UI Design

We welcome UI developers to optimize our wiki page and make it more user friendly and easier to read.

Download the design template of the Nebulas wiki >

Download the logo >

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to post on our GitHub.

2. User Groups

Communication is key for building a vibrant community. People need to talk with each other in order to share their ideas and thoughts on Nebulas.

Nebulas uses several platforms to connect with its global community. Please refer to the “Community” page on the official website for more information.

Discord: Available to all community members. You can subscribe to Nebulas News, as well as participate in group discussions. Discord is many users‘ first choice.

Mailing lists: Discussion groups for core development and bug reporting. We welcome developers to subscribe.

Forum: Reddit/r/nebulas (for all), Reddit/r/nasdev (for developers)

Communication: Slack (for developers), Telegram (for non-developers)

Community developers are welcome to create an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel for better communication among developers.

3. Bounties

We, the Nebulas team, happily introduce several bounties to reward early contributors. You can check them out here.

4. Donations

Donations to the Nebulas Foundation to further the development of Nebulas are greatly appreciated. Both NAS and ETH are accepted. We also welcome community members to support us in material terms. For instance, the donation of meetup locations/venues, local guides, photography, etcetera. We can also make your contribution known to the community if you would like. If you are an enthusiastic community member and are willing to contribute to our community, email for more details.